SOUL… Simply Put: LOVED IT

This review is late, but I am determined to publish it, as I am eager to share my reflections with the world.

Pixar has done it again: a masterpiece of an emotional rollercoaster (the good kind).

Their newest release, Soul, follows the story of Joe (Jamie Foxx), an ambitious musician who, through a simple accident, passes towards the great beyond. Desperate to avoid the afterlife get back to his affairs on Earth, Joe poses as an “instructor” for new souls ready to begin life, and is assigned soul 22 (Tina Fey), who is procrastinating her next step through her annoying cynicism (having already irked her previous instructors, among whom are Carl Jung, Mother Teresa, and Nicolaus Copernicus). Each soul needs to find their “spark”, which will guide and shape their lives. Seeing as 22 has no intention of reaching life, Joe seeks to exploit his assignment to get himself back on Earth through a loophole, which 22 agrees to with enthusiastic indifference.

As you watch the movie, the story appears to have a predictable formula. However, Soul manages to tackle this formula in a profound and touching manner, as Pixar has always done. Soul explores the notion of the meaning of life, our vocations, and satisfaction. They emphasize savoring the little moments that we have grown accustomed to, I lesson I have learned years ago and have zealously pursued ever since. Perhaps this is the main reason why I loved the movie: in order to share this philosophy that has guided me through good times and bad.

My other reason reason for loving this movie is the animation. It is traditional Pixar computer-generation, but it appears to be improving with each release. The detail in the lighting makes the scenery appear realistic, even with their unrealistic designs. And then there is the movie’s take on the before/afterlife, and breaking time’s confinements.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic has cancelled practically all forms of socializing, movie releases have skipped the theaters and gone directly to immediate access; in this instance Disney+. If you have your own account, I urge you to screen this flick as soon as you get a chance! If not, simply pull your debit card out of your wallet and pay a whopping $6.99 per month subscription, then get to watching. After all, what else can you do, even as the pandemic appears to be winding down?

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